Who we are

We are a fashion loving big family of six called The Mbaimbai.We love to call ourselves #squadmbaimbai. Our love for fashion dressing up and showing up to events with matching outfits has made us to share the experience and give other families the joy of bonding in fashion.

Effy who is the lovely fashion designer,wife and mom of four has been in the fashion industry for 5 years now.Effy has always loved dressing up way before she has been in the industry showing up to functions being the talk of the room made her very satisfied. Until she realised that her taste of selected clothes was loved by other women therefore venturing in personal shopping.This went perfectly well but was not enough for her.She wanted to give her clients something new that stands out.With her background of sewing Effy then decided to perfect her skills and gain more knowledge in fashion desgning.And as the babies kept coming she realised they also loved dressing up so whenever she got fabric for her outfit her 3girls would be matching with her and the lil boy with dady.
With so much belief in empowerment Effy knows the value of teaching her children new skills each time so Fashion became our number one love.Effy believes every family deserves a matching outfit that will make them stand out from the rest.

The Mbaimbai family

Miranda Jade

Miranda Jade is the first born,the deputy parent who knows how to make clothes for her sister’s baby dolls. Miranda Jade’s fashion sense is one of the best and we will surely nurture it.

Michaela Grace

Michaela Grace is a very soft spoken lil girl who loves entertaining her siblings.She loves matching with her sisters any day.

Prince T

Prince T is our son very calm and collected lil boy surrounded with her funloving sisters.He loves spending quality time with his dad.We call him man of the house.He loves protecting his sisters

Mia Daisy

Mia Daisy our baby is very sweet,kind and is starting to enjoy the photoshoots

Which leads us to the meaning of mireila; this is a combination of our childrens names;The “Mir” in Miranda’s name and “eila” in Michaela’s name

The Mbaimbai family is a funloving Christian squad that you will instantly fall in love with
We want to take you on a fashionride with us that is life changing